Purpose of this small how-to is to describe how you can easily make DD floppy disk from HD floppy.

Step 1 - Diskettes

The key is to have right diskettes to be able to transfer diskimages to your samplers. Well basically on the market are DD - Double Density (Capacity 720kb) and HD - High Density (Capacity 1.44MB) diskettes. From historical reasons in Roland S serie and W30 samplers are using DD diskettes. Yes now you are all screaming that DD disks are not anymore available to buy, thats true and not true because you can still buy them in some specialized shops. Anyway we can create DD disks from HD ones by little physical mod which is shown on the picture below:

How to make from HD, DD floppy disk

To create DD diskette from HD you should just cover hole on left side with piece of tape and then format to 720kb. Insert floppy into drive. Format you can perform in two ways.

Step 2 - Format

Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000

1. Double click on My Computer icon on your desktop. In opened window right click on icon of Floppy drive and from context menu choose Format... In following window set capacity to 3.5" 720KB/512 bytes/sector. Uncheck quick format if its checked. Press Format button and wait until its done.
2. Press START button on taskbar and choose Run... then if you are in Windows 2000 type cmd otherwise command. Console window will appear. Type following command:

format A: /F:720

Press enter. After procedure computer will ask for the name of Volume, just hit enter and its done.

Windows XP/Vista/7

Here is just one way to do it. So press START button on your taskbar choose Run... Type cmd and hit enter. After console window will appear type following command:

format A: /FS:FAT /T:80 /N:9

Press enter. After procedure computer will ask for the name of Volume, just hit enter and its done.

Step 3 - Transfer of diskimages

Finally we can transfer some diskimages with sound or whatever is needed. Start Sdiskw.exe and press button "Write" to transfer diskimage from your PC to diskette. File requester will appear and you will be able to select file you want to write. Then just follow progress and everything should be done. In case your diskette is physically damaged or have bad sectors you will see small dialog which will give you possibility to retry, ignore or cancel whole process. If you choose "Ignore" unreadable data will be replaced with zeroes. You can also check "Auto-Ignore" check box, in this case program will not anymore show this dialog but it will automatically ignore all bad sectors. If you want to transfer content of your diskette into your PC then press "Read" button. For the rest is it the same process as by writing.

Thats all folks :-) Anyway if somebody thinks that here can be some more info just mail me.

copyright by frankie (c) 2011